Our Team

Sarah Clarkson sarah

Sarah has worked with children for many years. She’s super happy to have her own two girls now and still loves playing games and mucking around outside!

Growing up Sarah spent time camping, learning to build a fire, dam a river, build a treehouse and other fun pursuits. She made gangs with her friends and siblings, spotted birds by torchlight in the evening and did a lot of swimming, regardless of the water temperature!

Sarah has worked as a programme director for a Summer Camp in Michigan. Her love of Nature was apparent in the many courses she chose to amuse the girls who attended camp. Her favourite was a creative writing course which involved hiking into the woods, sitting peacefully in a comfortable spot and letting the ideas flow! 20 years later she used this same game for her daughter’s 8th birthday “Camping Party”, with equal success!

Sarah is a Nutritional Medicine consultant, has started a school canteen that prepares only healthy food, from scratch.  Working with children and adults in Nutritional Medicine Sarah recognises that time in Nature has major and obvious benefit to everyone’s health.  She’s a scientist at heart and loves nothing more than reading current research into health/wellness/food/nature, but the theory is just part of it. Putting these ideas into practice in the real world is where the real fun lies!

Sarah has worked for two years as a facilitator of a NaturePlay playgroup for Bluebird Foundation at Tate St PS. The Fox Guild was lucky enough to have Sarah work with them on a school holiday program in 2016 providing lots of enthusiasm and laughter for our group.

She can’t wait to meet the families attending the You Yangs playgroup in 2017 and help them discover the wonders of the outdoors and to inspire the growth and development of the children and their carers and to just have a bit of fun!

Bec Wilson bec

Bec thinks of herself as a gardener, although the unorganised mess of weeds in her garden may state otherwise. She is a crazy seed collector and her window sills are often full of jars of cuttings, seedlings and seeds.

Bec has always had a love for the natural world and a desire to grow flowers, vegetables and fruit trees and to slowly move towards creating a more sustainable life.

Bec has a background in working with children and young people and has spent a number of years running and resourcing playgroups.

She lives with her partner Tom and their four children. They love to drag their children away camping and bushwalking, berrypicking and bike riding.

Naps, whilst unrelated to nature play also feature highly in Bec’s daily goals.

The Fox Guild is a day dream of Bec’s that slowly come to life. Coming from a Social Science background and a childhood spent climbing trees and playing out in the street with other neighbourhood children Bec is intrigued by the reduction in the amount of time children are spending playing outdoors today.  The Fox Guild aims to be part of the growing movement inviting children and families back into the natural world by providing opportunities that are simple and fun.

Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith is the Owner/Operator of the Fox Guild and a mum to three small to medium sized mud loving tree climbing monkeys (aka kids)!

Michelle is also an experienced paediatric Occupational Therapist, with expertise in fine motor development and school/kinder readiness.  As an OT Michelle has the knowledge and experience to back up the practical side of why we need to be out and playing, climbing, engaging in barefoot and sensory play.

She is very passionate about getting kids outdoors into the bush and beach and the benefits of this on child development.

Michelle loves working with kids and their grown ups, because it is not really work…but fun! 

Going from being a participant, to group facilitator and the owner has been a natural progression and one that Michelle is super excited about! 

Sarah, Bec & Michelle all have Current Working with Children Checks, First Aid Level 2 and experience in working with children, plus they’re super lovely. 😉 (if we do say so ourselves).