Autumn Picnic

We are so looking forward to celebrating Nature Play Week in 2017 with an Autumn Picnic.

It will be lovely to have Annie Bryant sharing her Stories and Songs in her beautiful Bell Tent.

Link to booking below.poster.jpg


Part of the day will include craft, a nature treasure hunt & free play.

The Details!
Date: Saturday 22nd April, 2017
Time: 10:00am – 12:30pm + onwards
Annie’s Storytent will start at 10:30am
Venue: Frank Mann Reserve, 5 Heal Street, Ceres.
Food: BYO Snacks, Water & Picnic Lunch + Picnic blanket.

This is an all weather outdoor event.

Please bring appropriate weather gear & footwear for both your children & yourself!
Look forward to seeing you on the day.

Tickets are limited and are on sale for $24 per family.

visit to book



Family Events

Unless we are willing to

encourage our children to

reconnect with and appreciate the natural world

we can’t expect them to help protect and care for it.”

David Suzuki


The natural world is so inviting, it makes it easy to get out there. It’s fun, it’s free and usually it’s not very far away.

The benefits for us are amazing (read this!) and wide reaching, –  from gut health, mental health, physical activity, immune function, healthier social behaviour, reduction in stress, connection to community and many more. And these benefits can be not only for us, but for the planet. We’re more likely to care for the world if we have a connection to the natural environment.

So… it’s with all that in mind that we like to provide opportunities to get together and get outside. The Fox Guild family nature events are a chance to connect with other families in our region who enjoy getting out in/and connecting with Nature.

We’ve been really enjoying planning towards 2017. In February we have a hike planned (check here) and in March we are pleased to be hosting Christina Renowden from ‘Leap into Nature’ for a day at the river learning about frogs and water bugs. (all details over here)

Christina will give us a chance to view live frogs as we find out about their habitat requirements and the role they play in the ecosystem.
Christina will lead us in a range of hands on activities & games to learn about frog life cycles, external features of frogs and adaptations.

At most of our events is the chance for free play, chatting and eating – all the important things!

There’s a few other events up on Family tab  – have a look there & fill in the form if you’d like to stay updated about what’s on each month.

Bec & Tom

Gift giving

Here’s a few sweet bits and pieces that as well as being lovely, will have your little ones heading outside to discover and play. (It could also just be my own personal wishlist!) x


  1. Flower Press from
  2. Bug’s Wonderland Seed Pack from
  3. Annie’s Tales and Songs from
  4. Bow & Arrow Set from
  5. Hello Nature, by Nina Chakrabarti from
  6. Opinel Whittling Knife & Sheath from
  7. Seedlings E-Course from
  8. Bolga Basket from

Bees and Mini Beasts

comb-explorationBees are a constant theme at The Fox Guild – we just love them!

While exploring garden critters at our Little Foxes Nature Play recently we spent some time thinking about bees and were able to get hands on with old brood comb and fresh honey comb (there may have been a little bit of taste testing too).

Our magnifying glasses came in handy as we were able to see some of the brood that had been in the process of hatching out.

Wild swarms have been highly co-operative and we’ve been lucky enough to spot a wild hive at both our Inverleigh and Geelong locations giving the children and their grownups a little peek at the sort of natural spaces bees can take up residence.

A homemade miniature Kenyan Top Bar hive with felt bees provided a more hands on opportunity to have a look inside a structure people use to house and care for bees in their own yard.

Other mini beasts got a little look in with children observing and holding slaters and snails. A few found worms, spiders, millipedes and one stunning dragonfly rounded things out for us.


We love the idea of making ‘bug hotels’ to encourage beneficial insects into the backyard – this can be a great family project that provides an ongoing nature connection in your household.

If you’re interested in making one we’ve pinned a few variations of bug hotels on our Family Gardening Pinterest Board.

Planting for Bees

Tom and I were a little bit excited to offer the Planting for Bees workshop.

We were lucky to have a group of families come along who had a range of different experience in gardening and keeping bees.

We started off the day thinking about our favourite insects  and chatting about how important bees are in our food production. The children helped us identify food, including honey, that bees play a role in preparing (pollinating) for us.

We talked about threats to bees, including pesticides, mites and small hive beetles – and bears 🙂

Planting both supports bees and encourages them to visit our garden. Bee ‘baths’ are another way to support them and also a way to say  ‘Thankyou’ to bees. We had a few examples of how you might create a bee bath at home.

Everyone had plenty of suggestions of different flowers bees might like and we got a little muddy making seed bombs to take home for bombing our gardens or local parks.

The honey and homemade chocolate was polished off pretty quickly.

We used the Quirky Cooking chocolate recipe that has five ingredients, one of the main ones being honey. We made a few varieties, including one with sour cherry and one with almonds. Yum!


We had a few take home goodies including a borage plant, a ‘bees like these’ poster with some flowers bees like and a ‘hexahexaflexagon’ (a small folding puzzle with the object being to find the queen).

You can download a poster of the Bees Like These – poster here.xx

Wind and Play

We had a beautiful winter afternoon for our Wind and Play. Unexpectedly there was sunshine and we were lucky to have a bit of a breeze and a few kites managed to spend some time in the sky.

Wind and Play was a day centred around the theme of wind, where a number of ‘play -stations’ were set up inviting for families to explore and play at their own pace. Stations included kite-making, a large parachute, wind ribbons, bubbles and a story corner with books about wind.

The little washing corner was a sweet addition, where children spent some time washing and then hanging clothes to air dry.

We had a few children trying out their capes and broomsticks and imagining taking flight in the wind.

A lovely group of families came along on the day and we’d like to say a big thankyou to all of them. xx