Nature Play Kids OT

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How can trees help little hands to grow?

Nature Play the OT Way can provide training sessions to groups/professionals either 1:1, small or large groups.

Topics may include:

  • The theory behind Nature Play the OT Way.  What are the developmental benefits of free play in nature?
  • What is Occupational Therapy and how can nature be used as a therapeutic medium.
  • How to establish a nature based playgroup with sample session plans provided.
  • Planning and running inclusive playgroups for all abilities (nature or centre based groups)

Michelle has experience training small and large groups of professionals and students.

We are currently working with some local (and not so local) child care centers to help develop their nature play programs.  We are also consulting with local councils on inclusive play.

Michelle provides a consultation service to help set up new nature based playgroups.  She is also available for consultation with existing playgroups to help develop a nature based program and/or inclusive play ideas for all abilities.


We provide 1:1 and small group based Occupational Therapy for children and families.  Our services are provided in outdoor settings to make full use of nature as a therapeutic tool.  Please contact us for our schedule of fees and for further information

We have availability in our training schedule for term 2, 2019.  We are currently fully booked for term 1.

Please contact

ADVOCACY….watch this space….!!

The Fox Guild is developing a new advocacy service.

Our resident Occupational Therapist also has a handy little Bachelor of Laws.  She is experienced in research and advocacy and loves any opportunity to champion a child’s right to free play in nature.