Little Foxes Nature Play Group

Come and get muddy with Little Foxes Nature Playgroup!

Little Foxes is a rain or shine all weather* outdoor playgroup.  We run weekly 1.5 hour sessions through school terms.  We love to encourage free imaginative play and interaction with nature.  And there is always plenty of mud!

Little Foxes is aimed at 0-5 year olds and their grown ups.  Older siblings are always welcome (eg. On school curriculum days).  Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles are also warmly welcomed.  Everyone can benefit from a dose of Vitamin N!

At The Fox Guild we are passionate about getting kids outside from a young age.  We understand that playing in nature is essential for a child’s motor, sensory, social and emotional development.

Little Foxes Playgroups are run by members, with two volunteer group leaders.  Our playgroups are free to families with a Playgroup Victoria Membership.  All Little Foxes families must be members of Playgroup Victoria.

We encourage families to enjoy the weather, and be prepared for 4 seasons in a day!  Sunscreen, sunhats and long loose clothing are recommended in the warmer months.  Mud boots, puddle suits and lots of layers are recommended in the cooler months.  We have lots of ideas about clothes etc.  So just ask! After all….

“There’s no such thing as bad weather – only inappropriate clothing”

Ranulph Fiennes


Session Structure

We do not have a structured start to our sessions. This allows families to arrive late when ‘life happens’.  We encourage free, child led play in nature.  This may be playing with others in our mud play area.  Or building tepees with smaller groups. Or just taking a wander with mum/dad/carer.  We encourage families to bring a picnic mat and a book to share for quiet play.  We also schedule one special activity each week, for example ‘journey stick’ making.  Families may wish to bring bits of ribbon, lace, pipe cleaners etc to decorate their sticks.  Each session has an end activity (reading a book, or singing some songs) to encourage a sense of group belonging.

See our current timetable for the sessions offered.

To enquire, please email our playgroup coordinator michelle at

Extreme Weather

*The Fox Guild also has an Extreme Weather Policy March 2018

Why an Outdoor Playgroup?

There are so many reasons for joining an outdoor playgroup. Here is just a few:

  • Playing outside is fun!;
  • We are lucky to live in a very mild climate where we CAN be outside all year round;
  • The benefits to children and their grown ups are huge – motor development, social skills, language skills, increased immunity, learning to negotiate risk, reduced anxiety, pre kinder and school skill development –  (click here for more);
  • Studies estimate Australian families are spending an average of 40 minutes a week outside when the recommended amount of time is 3 hours per day;
  • It provides an outlet for sensory play – helping children manage their bodies through using their vestibular and proprioceptive senses;
  • Golden Plains Shire, National Parks Victoria & Geelong City Council all have beautiful spaces it’s fabulous to be able to get out and enjoy it.

Do you have questions? Please contact us:

11 thoughts on “Little Foxes Nature Play Group

  1. Congratulations Bec!! What a brilliant playgroup, you’re perfect for this role. I love that you’ve established The Fox Guild. I’m going to send this to my sister in Warrnambool and friend who are in Port Fairy and Warrnambool. They would LOVE this for their babes aged under 3. Perhaps Little Foxes could do a South West playgroup meet in the future 😉? Xx


  2. Love this Bec!! Your passion and dedication to providing the best opportunities for our children is fantastic. Looking forward to hearing how it all evolves xo


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