FAQ and Policies

What happens if the weather is really bad!?

Our playgroups run in nearly all weather.  We do have an Extreme Weather Policy March 2018 which is in place for the safety of our members.  If there is an Extreme Weather Cancellation you will be notified the night before the event/group.  Keep an eye on the weather forecast and if you are unsure you can contact us at The Fox Guild. It is important that The Fox Guild has up to date email or phone contact details for this reason.

What should we wear?

Our advice to everyone is to come prepared for 4 seasons!  And if you plan to head out somewhere after the session, a change of clothes (for big people too) is a good idea.  On wet days consider packing a puddle suit/puddle pants and a rain jacket (for big people too!).  On sunny days ‘slip, slop, slap’.

If it is really cold, mud boots are good to keep little toes warm.  Otherwise consider wearing sneakers that can be easily laundered.  Our little people (and big people) often find that sneakers are easier to walk, climb, run and generally explore in.  Some locations are great for barefoot exploration too. This is a great option for the development of little feet (and bodies).

There are some great, and not so great, brands of gear.  Ask other members for their experiences.

Our families often feed back to us that if they are feeling comfortable (ie wearing weather appropriate clothing) they are able to participate and more inclined to attend on days when weather is not so perfect!

What should we bring?

We don’t have a formal snack time.  Families tend to bring snacks.  If you have a little baby, some families find a pram handy.  Others like to wear their little people in a harness.  It is personal preference, but may be worth bringing both options to your first session/s.  Feel free to bring other family members (dad, grandma, aunt Jo!) all are very welcome.

For our Little Foxes Nature Playgroups you will be sent a ‘General Information’ form when you enquire about our playgroups.  This will detail additional items that you may wish to bring.

Can I bring my dog/cat/fish…?

We love animals here at the Fox Guild.  But we do ask that the family pet stay at home.  Other members of the group may not like animals or may be allergic to them.

I am concerned about the dangers of being outdoors with my little children, what if something happens?

Parents/carers are responsible for their own children at all times.

We ask that families maintain an awareness of where their children are during the session.  The level of observation will vary family to family depending on the age/skill level of their children.

There are some risks involved with playing outdoors.  We will come into contact with sticks, mud, water, insects, uneven and slippery surfaces, trees and branches and sometimes snakes.  We may get scratches, bruises or insect bites.  We will also get muddy and wet!

These may be seen as risks that you do not want your children being near.  Or they may be seen as risks that you would like your children to learn about, experience and negotiate.

You must decide what is best for your family and the child/ren in your care.  What suits one family may not suit another.

We have a venue benefit risk assessment Sept 2018 and ask that families familiarise themselves with the document.

Minimum Numbers Policy

We need a minimum number of 5 families for our groups/events.  In the event of bookings not reaching the minimum numbers we will contact you in the week prior to the event/commencement of the term.  You will have the option of joining another group or a full refund.