Why do we love mud at Little Foxes …

Mud glorious mud!

With mud a child can create anything, they can let their imaginations run wild!

Mud is a rich (though sometimes scary) sensory experience. It is slimy, it can be very cold, it can be prickly with stones.

Using tools like shovels which create a deep pressure experience can help calm the sensory system and make the tickling sensation more enjoyable.

Talking to your child about what they are touching is a great way to develop speech and language skills to help communicate sensory experiences. Mud play exposes children to concepts including empty/full, cold/warm, heavy/light etc.

Playing in mud encourages fine motor skill development. It requires tool manipulation (spades, spoons, brushes) which is an important pre writing activity. And activities like creating mud balls strengthens little finger muscles.

Mud play also demands a lot from large and core muscles as children hold different postures and carry heavy pots and buckets.

As with all activities at Little Foxes, there will not be enough tools for everyone. This may sometimes result in upset, but it will also demand sharing and other social skills like negotiation.

The benefits of mud play are as endless as a child’s imagination! Which is why mud play is seen at all Fox Guild – Nature Play the OT Way events.

We often see little people jump (literally) into the mud in their first week. Just as often we see little people take a term or more to feel comfortable. There are always plenty of other activities that offer the same benefits. We like to encourage our little people to lead their own play experiences.

If you would like to find out more about mud (and other activities!) at Little Foxes feel free to contact us!

Nature Play the OT Way!


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