Not just about the kids!

The benefits of a nature playgroup extend to parents/carers too!

Playgroup allows parents to take time out of a busy life, to slow down and enjoy playing with their child, to watch and delight in the amazing steps their child takes while making sense of the world around them (

Playgroup also offers an amazing opportunity for parents/cares to come together to form networks and provide social support.  Some families may feel they have a rich ‘village’, others may feel they are little isolated.  Either way, playgroup provides a safe space to troubleshoot, problem solve, or simple whinge to someone who understands about the total and complete lack of sleep!

At Little Foxes, parents/carers are encouraged to feel comfortable rolling down a hill, or sitting back on the mat with a coffee.  Whilst the ‘OT’ side of the group does tend to focus on the developmental benefits for the children, the social/emotional benefits for the parents/carers is not overlooked!

A nature playgroup does tend to have fewer rules.  The ‘toys’ can be used for as many purposes as little imaginations allow.  They are child/mud proof!  There is space to run and climb and explore.  Sometimes little or big people may not be feeling very social.  Nature will support this.  Families are free to head off for a bush walk and enjoy some quiet nature time.

Membership to Little Foxes Nature Playgroup comes with an invitation to join our members only facebook group.  There are also plenty of opportunities to share contact details and arrange play dates outside of playgroup.



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