Family Events

Unless we are willing to

encourage our children to

reconnect with and appreciate the natural world

we can’t expect them to help protect and care for it.”

David Suzuki


The natural world is so inviting, it makes it easy to get out there. It’s fun, it’s free and usually it’s not very far away.

The benefits for us are amazing (read this!) and wide reaching, –  from gut health, mental health, physical activity, immune function, healthier social behaviour, reduction in stress, connection to community and many more. And these benefits can be not only for us, but for the planet. We’re more likely to care for the world if we have a connection to the natural environment.

So… it’s with all that in mind that we like to provide opportunities to get together and get outside. The Fox Guild family nature events are a chance to connect with other families in our region who enjoy getting out in/and connecting with Nature.

We’ve been really enjoying planning towards 2017. In February we have a hike planned (check here) and in March we are pleased to be hosting Christina Renowden from ‘Leap into Nature’ for a day at the river learning about frogs and water bugs. (all details over here)

Christina will give us a chance to view live frogs as we find out about their habitat requirements and the role they play in the ecosystem.
Christina will lead us in a range of hands on activities & games to learn about frog life cycles, external features of frogs and adaptations.

At most of our events is the chance for free play, chatting and eating – all the important things!

There’s a few other events up on Family tab  – have a look there & fill in the form if you’d like to stay updated about what’s on each month.

Bec & Tom

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