Bees and Mini Beasts

comb-explorationBees are a constant theme at The Fox Guild – we just love them!

While exploring garden critters at our Little Foxes Nature Play recently we spent some time thinking about bees and were able to get hands on with old brood comb and fresh honey comb (there may have been a little bit of taste testing too).

Our magnifying glasses came in handy as we were able to see some of the brood that had been in the process of hatching out.

Wild swarms have been highly co-operative and we’ve been lucky enough to spot a wild hive at both our Inverleigh and Geelong locations giving the children and their grownups a little peek at the sort of natural spaces bees can take up residence.

A homemade miniature Kenyan Top Bar hive with felt bees provided a more hands on opportunity to have a look inside a structure people use to house and care for bees in their own yard.

Other mini beasts got a little look in with children observing and holding slaters and snails. A few found worms, spiders, millipedes and one stunning dragonfly rounded things out for us.


We love the idea of making ‘bug hotels’ to encourage beneficial insects into the backyard – this can be a great family project that provides an ongoing nature connection in your household.

If you’re interested in making one we’ve pinned a few variations of bug hotels on our Family Gardening Pinterest Board.

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