Planting for Bees

Tom and I were a little bit excited to offer the Planting for Bees workshop.

We were lucky to have a group of families come along who had a range of different experience in gardening and keeping bees.

We started off the day thinking about our favourite insects  and chatting about how important bees are in our food production. The children helped us identify food, including honey, that bees play a role in preparing (pollinating) for us.

We talked about threats to bees, including pesticides, mites and small hive beetles – and bears 🙂

Planting both supports bees and encourages them to visit our garden. Bee ‘baths’ are another way to support them and also a way to say  ‘Thankyou’ to bees. We had a few examples of how you might create a bee bath at home.

Everyone had plenty of suggestions of different flowers bees might like and we got a little muddy making seed bombs to take home for bombing our gardens or local parks.

The honey and homemade chocolate was polished off pretty quickly.

We used the Quirky Cooking chocolate recipe that has five ingredients, one of the main ones being honey. We made a few varieties, including one with sour cherry and one with almonds. Yum!


We had a few take home goodies including a borage plant, a ‘bees like these’ poster with some flowers bees like and a ‘hexahexaflexagon’ (a small folding puzzle with the object being to find the queen).

You can download a poster of the Bees Like These – poster here.xx

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