Enjoying the cooler months outside

Winter is the perfect time to get outside and explore wild places.

bonnie rocks playing

A few great things you can do with your children this winter include;

  • Walk to your favourite outdoor cafe and have a bowl of soup or a warm drink.
  • Select a patch in your garden for your children. Turn it over together, compost and plant some bulbs for spring.
  • Find a special place for your family somewhere within an hour of your home. A reserve, park, bushland, waterfall, river or beach. This might be somewhere you’ve visited before or somewhere you’ve had in mind as a special spot. Visit it each season to see the changes.
  • Pack your favourite snacks, scarves and rain coats and explore a new walk.
  • Visit the beach – enjoy the wind and watch the water being blown about. Running in big open spaces can be fabulous after being cooped up – and a change of warm clothes in the car may also come in handy!
  • Dig a hole and surround with rocks in the backyard. Share with your child how to build a fire, teaching them a new skill and how to be safe around fire, then enjoy lunch or a snack cooked over the fire.
  • Collect nature items for a nature table or craft activity – leaves, feathers and grasses for weaving. Gumnuts, seeds and flowers for threading.
  • Pop on your warm clothes, take a blanket and some storybooks, find the perfect tree to sit under and read together – possibly just in your backyard.
  • Go on a bug hunt, take a notebook and magnifying glass, draw pictures of all the insects you find.

Let your children know that you’re okay with rain, wind and cooler weather (even if you’re not that keen on it yourself!)

Children often take their lead from adults. If we never go outside, or complain when we are out in the elements children will take their cues from this experience.

By letting our children know that the rain can be lovely, that cooler weather is perfect for long walks and that wind can make us want to run wild and free we are letting our children know that going outside in all sorts of weather is okay – and maybe we’ll begin to enjoy it too!


3 kids river rocks

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