Slowly getting started

It has been lovely to spend months daydreaming, talking and imagining what The Fox Guild could be. It is beginning to take shape and we are enjoying moving out of the daydreaming and into the planning.

Business-y things are getting done and events are being scheduled.

We’d love you to look through the events and see if there is anything that sounds like it might be for you.

Little Foxes Nature Play Group is in the final stages of planning. We are offering this in 6 week blocks each term and Bec is off to a Nature & Pedagogy conference and updating her First Aid to get Nature Play ready.

The Early Winter Walk – taking place at the beginning of June is a free family event that encourages us to get outside in the cooler months. This community walk and lunch should be a fun one to get along to. We look forward to longer walks later in the year.

Both of these events are built on the idea that getting kids (& grownups) outside and playing in nature is essential for healthy and normal development.

A huge and grateful thanks to people who have encouraged and supported The Fox Guild in moving beyond the initial imagining stage 🙂

Keep your eye posted to the website to hear about upcoming events. You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook. xx

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